Model 288 Wire Recorder

Of all the mediums of magnetic recording, wire still remains at the top of the list in popularity and the Webcor 288 wire recorder is the reason for it. The 288 is the only wire recorder with "Console Response". Console Response is the result of a new technique used in the construction and design of the sound chamber and provides lifelike, faithful sound reproduction. It is this fidelity of sound that has enabled Webster Chicago to sell more magnetic recorders than all other manufacturers combined. Beginning with the picking up of sound by the sensitive high impedance crystal microphone and ending with the playback of any sound through the powerful amplifier and speaker, the Webcor wire recorder provides the utmost quality every step of the way. From the businessman to the hobbyist, there are thousands of uses for the Webcor 288 ranging from the recording of business conferences to the recording of animal noises. Simple enough for a child to operate, one master control sets the 288 in motion for recording and playback. Features like the elapsed time indicator, neon volume indicator and automatic stops in both directions make the Webcor 288 the best wire recorder investment.
Webcor by Webster-Chicago
Prices slightly higher west of the Rockies
Copyright 1953